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YG300 Smart 4K HD LED Projector with Auto Focus and WiFi

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YG300 Smart 4K HD LED Projector with Auto Focus and WiFi


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YG300 4K HD LED Smart Projector

  • Brightness: 800 lumens for exceptional image quality
  • Autofocus: Easy adjustment for perfect sharpness
  • Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth for convenient wireless use
  • Portable: Lightweight (0.38KG) and compact for an outdoor cinematic experience
  • Audio quality: Built-in speaker for immersive sound

The YG300 projector offers exceptional image quality with its LED light source and 1000:1 contrast ratio. Ideal for movie nights at home or outdoor screenings, this projector is CE certified to ensure safe use.

With its manual keystone correction and compact size (12.50x8.50x4.50 cm), the YG300 is easy to install and transport. You can enjoy your favorite content on a big screen (40-120 inches) wherever you are.

The YG300 uses cutting-edge LED technology from Bridgelux for lower power consumption (10-24W) and environmental protection. Its innovative design and rich interfaces make it an ideal choice for children's education and entertainment.

Opt for the YG300 projector and offer your family an unforgettable cinematic experience while preserving the health of your loved ones.

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