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Smart Door Lock with Multi-Function Capabilities

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Smart Door Lock with Multi-Function Capabilities


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Smart Door Lock with Multi-Function Capabilities

We present the Smart Door Lock with Fingerprint, APP, Remote Control, Keyless, WIFI, Digital Touchscreen and NFC. This revolutionary lock provides total control over your home or office security system. It is equipped with a digital touch screen to facilitate access and improve security.

One of the main advantages of our smart lock is that it works without a key. You no longer have to worry about losing your keys or getting stuck outside your home. With our system, you can control access to your property via a convenient app on your phone, making entry and exit much easier. Additionally, you can give temporary access to a trusted person if necessary.

This smart door lock also includes an NFC (near field communication) function. Using this technology, you can unlock your door with an IC card, your smartphone or any other NFC compatible device. This is yet another way we make access to your property easier and more secure.

Finally, our smart door lock is protected with wireless WIFI encryption and IP67 rating, ensuring water and dust resistance. In addition, its remote control allows remote control of the lock, further increasing convenience and security.

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